The Prototypes Top Trumps were one of the original packs that were produced by Dubreq, the company that invented Top Trumps in the 70s. They were eventually bought out by Waddingtons in the early 80s. The pack contained 32 playing cards, as well as the title card, which had the rules on the back.


The cards all featured prototyped cars that weren’t yet in mass-production, and most of which presumably never made it into mass-production, either. There’s some beautiful example of lovely 1970s futurism in the designs. The Pininfarina Modulo appears to have been stolen directly from the ste of Battlestar Galactica.


The worst thing about this pack was the mildly and endlessly infuriating way some of the stats weren’t numerical, causing untold arguments and stalemates. It wasn’t the worst for this but I still cannot forgive it for its crimes.


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