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We found an old roll of film in the loft and these were all that were on it. It is basically the most accurate representation of my childhood I could possibly hope to have. I think the photographer was almost certainly me, except in the ones where I appear, when it probably would have been my little brother, who was obviously my artistic equal. They are shown here in order of quality.

My sister and my little brother, by a tree.

My sister, by our tent.

My dad punting along the¬†river in Cambridge. Also shown: the back of my head, my older brother’s face.

Our garden. (front row, left to right) unidentified, unidentified, my older brother (back row) unidentified

Me, by our tent. Also shown: a shower cap.

My sister by our tent, with a lilo.

My sister, in Cambridge, by a road.

My little brother, clearly dealing drugs out of the back of the car.

Terrifying bedroom.

Unidentified hair/fur.

A glimpse of hell.

And that was all that the chemists would dare print.