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Spacecraft Top Trumps were another Waddingtons pack from the late 70s or early 80s. There were 32 cards in the set.


This was another of our favourite packs of top trumps. It’s a fairly incongruous collection of real world spaceships, famous UFO photos, excellent science fiction illustrations, and solen photos of Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica spaceships renamed and reappropriated.

The Centaurus spaceship was drawn by Chris Foss. I’ve seen a different coloured version of that image used on a book cover before. I don’t know who any of the other illustrators are, though.












 This set of Top Trumps were made by Waddingtons, and are from the early 80s. The set contained 32 cards.


I always liked the packs of top trumps that had a pack specific design on the back, like this pack, and the horror ones. I really hated the standard blue back with the boats and the cars and everything. It always made me feel slightly depressed.

Anyway, out of these dinosaurs and mammals and whatever, Eryops was always my favourite. Lovely Eryops.












The Aliens and Space Warriors top trumps set was released by Waddingtons in 1992. The set contains 30 cards, plus a title card with the rules on the back.


By the 90s, Top Trumps monster artwork had gone into serious decline from their Horror top trumps heydey. This pack of Aliens and Space Warriors was pretty uniformly disappointing. With the incredible Oblit Fet card, though, it was nice to see them keep their tradition of mild copyright infringement going, so it wasn’t all completely bad.

Also at some point between the early 80s and the early 90s, packs of top trumps went from having 32 cards down to having 30. If that terrifying rate of decline has continued, the poor children of today would only get 26 cards in a  pack. It would hardly be worth it.











And I know that the Smet is supposed to basically be a Tribble or whatever, but he really reminds me of a Jib-Jib, possibly the best Fighting Fantasy monster of them all. A Jib-Jib gone all fat and pampered.

These two packs of Horror Top Trumps were produced in the early 80s by Waddingtons. The first pack can be seen here.

I prefer the first pack, really, although this one still has a few absolutely brilliant cards (Death used to haunt my dreams until I was at least 12 or so). It’s just that the first pack seems wildly demented whereas most of this pack is relatively sedate.












These two packs of Horror Top Trumps were produced in the early 80s by Waddingtons. Each set had 32 different cards in it, so when you played with both packs games were guaranteed to last for at least a few days. The second pack can be seen here.

These are undoubtedly the best packs of Top Trumps anyone will ever make. The pictures are all pretty much perfect, the categories and numbers are balanced just about right (although there are a couple of cards that are so weak you can’t ever hope to win with them), and also there is blood everywhere. So much blood.

And of course there’s Godzilla wearing a bowtie.